168. Daft Punk – Discovery



tmw you realise you are two albums short and it’s the last day of the month so this is what happpens instead wooo.

I’m sure, at some point, I will bother listening to other Daft Punk albums, though, ngl, that movie thing they did about the robots with a title that began with an E that I have forgotten – oh my gods, I wept my way through that one so badly I haven’t dared watch it again. D: (Electroma? Electrorama? IDEK something like that.)

This album, though, is nowhere near as depressing as that movie, so that’s a bonus.

167. Babymetal – Metal Resistance


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Japanese girl metal on triple j is not that unusual (or am I just weird in thinking that?) so I didn’t really pay much attention to them until I they turned up somehow on my youtube recs and I GOT LOST IN A BABYMETAL PIT OF METALNESS.

They are so tiny! Omg!

I picked up this album on the strength of watching a few videos and live shows. And yeah, it’s pretty great. I mean, even based on the concept alone, it’s going to be good. Tiny Japanese school girls playing fkn great thrashy metal. Like, there is nothing terrible about this at all.

Also, I would like to point out that thrash (and screamo) is absolutely NOT my metal genre of choice. But then so much of it is just fast guitars and stupid drums with white dudes tunelessly screaming incoherently over the top of it, and I am so not into that at all. But this thrash is great! It has coherent lyics! And a fkn tune! Woo! I like this type of thrash. But Babymetal are definitely an exception to the rule sort of band for me and thrash. Most thrash I don’t give a shit about.

164. La Roux – La Roux



OKAY LOOK I honestly can’t remember what brought this album to my attention (rage? the internet? idek!), but it’s not terrible. At least, it’s better than the second one, which I have not warmed to at all. So what the hell. I mean, there are a lot of great tracks on this album, negl. I am totally into this.

Also, negl, I am pretty sure 95% of the reason I even like this band is bc femme-y androgynous redhead ladies are apparently A Thing I am rly into. Okay, it’s mostly the redhead thing, but still! She is pretty hot and I would date her negl. /sorrynotsorry.

Also, bonus points for a cameo in the Ab Fab movie. XDDDD

Also, ‘Tigerlily’. Yeah.

162. Garbage – Version 2.0



NEGL I am going to shout along to Push It because IT IS LEGIT MY FAVOURITE SONG EVER and seeing them PLAYING IT LIVE from the third row last year WAS THE BEST CONCERT EXPERIENCE I’VE EVER HAD.

I have to admit, I am listening to this while I am doing some work on Sobek’s book of shadows/grimoire/thing, otherwise I might just write more here as the albums progress.

But, tbh, I mean, I would just write an incoherent 8DDDDDD about ‘Push It’ and Garbage last November and that’s of no real use to anyone, not even me.

161. Garbage – Garbage



Having one of those weird days where I just want to listen to the ladies, so that’s it, really, for the next nine albums because wynaut.

Also, Shirley is going back to red hair and I cannot be more excite! about this. I am almost tempted to do the same, and go back to red hair, like I did a long time ago. I haven’t permently dyed my hair for a long time now, but I’m sort of tempted now.

But anyway. I will listen to Garbage and do some writing and everything will be fine. 😀

/this listening party interrupted by lunch

160. David Bowie – The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars


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What can I say, I woke up with Ziggy Stardust in my head, so clearly I am in a Bowie mood, so.

Pretty sure the first time I heard ‘Five Years’ was a bootleg accoustic cover by Placebo, not that I knew it was a Bowie song at the time. I still love that cover, though. It sends shivers down my spine, negl.

I might do some Placebo later, I haven’t really listened to them for ages, I grew out of them after Meds, which I wasn’t particularly fond of, and haven’t really gone back. That said, the duet version of ‘Without You I’m Nothing’ with Bowie is just … amazing. Listen to it, if you haven’t.

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